Transformer Products Guidance


1)Japanese Standard(Type:HT/HB/HH Series)
Basic design according to JIS C5401-JEC2200
2)Overseas Standards (Type: HEC Series)
Basic design according to EU Low voltage directive, Transformers with CE-Marking, Compliance with the US Standard NEC(NFPA70/79) and Transformer with UL-Marking.


These transformers are Insulation Transformer and Auto-Transformer for the voltage chance of 3 Phase Star/Delta Connection, Delta/ Star Connection, 3 Phase →3 Phase, 6 Phase → Multi-phase, 3 Phase →Single Phase, and in compliance with each Standards.
1) Japanese Standard: TR, TB, TH Series
2) International Standards: TEC, TEC-UL Series, and UL/CE Markings
3 Phase → Single Phase Transformer
1) Scott Connection
2) Inverse V Connection

Lightning resistance

LT Series
This is Surge Insulation Transformer which protects equipments and circuits against the lightning attack.

Noise Stopper

ENS/NS Series:
This is the transformer which interrupts the noise from the outside and decreases the radiation noise from the device itself to the outside.
In compliance with UL Standard and CE Requirements.

CVT Transformer

The function of Constant Voltage Transformer(CVT) is to stabilize the unstable voltage. The basic principle is to use the resonance of the magnetic circuit. The outer dimension is bigger than that of the normal transformer.
Because of the limited components, CVT has a longer MTBF(Mean Time Between Failures) and a merit of the high reliable performance. Having no switching circuit, CVT is free from noise and supply a clean power source.

Transformer Case

The functions of Transformer Case are to protect the human body against electric shock and to secure the transformer from the atomospheric influence. We supply 2 types of Transformer Case;
1) Indoor Type
2) Outdoor Type
Other special cases are available with the enclosed constructionj for dust-proof, drip-proof, water-proof eftc.

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